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Built on the roof, a Badgir captures wind from any direction and guides it to the occupant’s zones.


In persian, Bad = wind... Gir = to catch... thus, Badgir or Windcatcher.

Iranian wind towers are designed to introduce cool outside air, driven by relatively high wind pressure.
The internal partition allows the low pressure on the lee side of the tower to suck air from inside the building.

This Badgir is designed with 4 air ducts.

Under the air pressure, one end of the tissue goes down, while by the extraction, the other end goes up towards the exit.

The diagram of the same Badgir in the shape of an "X".

badgir fonctionnement.png

The turbulence induces hot air extraction outwardly from the opposite channels.

badgir fonctionnement.png

Operation of a Badgir during the day and at night.

badgir jour et nuit_Page_06.png
History of Badgirs

A first person made a hole in a ceiling. This hole evolved to gradually become a tower.

progression badgir_edited_edited_edited.
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